The X-9 Vigilance is a unique variant of the X-9 Assault Rifle utilised by the XCOM Project. It sports greater damage and less recoil than it's common counterparts, and does more damage against mutants and aliens. The barrel-mounted guard rail also has "Vigilo Confido" printed onto it in black text with an alien head in red behind the "V." A red strip of cloth is wrapped around the main body of the gun, which is described to be from the robe of an Elder. The main body of the gun is made of carbon fibre painted green, giving the gun low weight (Union's Psi-Boy describes it as 5lbs while basic X-9 Assault Rifles weigh 8lbs on average).

This rifle was the personal weapon of Central Officer John Bradford during the Enemy Reborn campaign but is located on the wreck of the Skyranger in the skeletal hands of an unknown and deceased XCOM Operative. How this operative came to acquire the weapon is unknown. The rifle itself is remarkably intact (which is explained by Fielde as "XCOM's sturdy building") excluding a few scratches and nicks to the body of the weapon. This rifle also lacks the sights present on the standard-issue variant, leaving the user to rely on the gun's iron sights or add their own.

The X-9 Vigilance holds thirty 7.62 calibre rounds in a magazine with a fire-rate of 850 shots a minute.

Steel Hooves is the first one to recover the weapon, but after the group was betrayed by Union Strike due to him perceiving them as a threat to the Lunar Militia he ripped the gun from the gravely wounded Steel Hooves' back, warning him not to take things that are more valuable than "(his) metal arse." Steel Hooves' helmet was kicked off by Union and the X-9 Vigilance was used to end the Ghoul.

Union kept the rifle due to his allegiance with the makers of the gun, and out of respect for the dead XCOM soldiers. However, he rarely used the weapon due to his reliance on his primary weapon, the unique Magnetic Rifle known as Piccadilly.

Upon his return to CHS, Union took the rifle with him and had it sealed in a glass case in his home.

Manufactory Stats Edit

The weapon was developed by XCOM, giving it great damage and reliability. However, the weapon is just as accurate when hip-fired as it is when using the sights, just like all XCOM weapons.