Alien weapons have advanced and evolved over time, and have been influenced by the Sectoids more than before the Elders were wiped out by the XCOM Project at the end of the Dimensional War.

These weapons tend to be more advanced than their predecessor weapons, and many are operated differently than before and run on "Alien Power Cells" rather than "Elerium Cells."

Sectoid Blaster Edit

The Sectoid Blaster is an arm-mounted weapon wielded only by Primitive Sectoids. This weapon fires a single, direct energy "ball" at foes to do lingering Plasma damage and possibly disintegrate targets. This weapon is easily underestimated, though the wielders are only threatening with numbers.

Automatic Sectoid Rifle Edit

The Automatic Sectoid Rifle fires a collection of small green energy balls at foes with extreme fire-rate and stability. These weapons are wielded by the Evolved Sectoids, Fielde, Kate and Amanda. Despite the stability and high damage output, this weapon consumes ammo extremely quickly.

Sectoid Plasma Thrower Edit

The Sectoid Plasma Thrower fires a constant cloud of devastating blue energy in a short reach in front of the user. These weapons are wielded by the Evolved Sectoids and at one interval, Kate. Though capable of very high damage in a short amount of time, the Sectoid Plasma Thrower consumes Alien Power Cells extremely quickly and has a very short reach.