A Titan is a towering bipedal walker and heavily armoured unit in the Equestrian Wasteland. Most of the few active Titans are ex-Solar Accord due to those systems being easier to reprogram than those of the Midnight Coalition.

Due to the 200 years of wear and tear, most Titans no longer follow the classes once assigned to them and have varied weapons, with few having extra abilities.

Some Titans are the personal vehicles of Raider Bosses in the Wasteland, and they are easily distinguishable by their makeshift and inadequate armour and grisly paint jobs. These Titans often suffer malfunctions and as such are not as good in combat as professionally-repaired counterparts may be.

The Grand Pegasus Enclave, the Brotherhood of Steel, the New Canterlot Republic, the Equestrian Institute of Science and Technology and the New Lunar Order all have access to Titans of their own design. The Gun Runners, Talon Company, and the Regulators also have a few models, and the Minutemares begin producing their own model (known as the Redcoat) late into the Fallout Dimensions 3: Survivor storyline. Each of the different factions use their Titans differently, and have their own models that differ greatly from Pre-War alternatives.

Despite their age, there are some Titans that retain their programming and class abilities and in even rarer cases still serve with their Ghoulified Pilot. However, other unique Titans like Blaze and Sevens retain their own unaltered Pilots.

Titan Models Edit

Mobius - Balanced energy-based Titan designed by the Institute. Integrated Energy Shields protect the hull as the Titan utilises it's Laser Beam Caster rifle to lay down continuous fire before needing a reload.

Cavalry - Heavy Brotherhood-made Titan utilising a large underslung repeating Laser weapon. This Titan is extremely strong yet extremely slow.

Redcoat - Balanced Titan made by the Minutemares. This Titan utilises an Elerium Leopold for massive damage with high precision.