Sevens is a Titan and reprises his role as the partner of Scootaloo in the Equestrian Wasteland.

Following Operation: Lights Out, Sevens was under the impression that he had failed Scootaloo and she had been killed aboard the SS Celestia in the explosion, unaware that she had survived alongside Maverick, but was casted 200 years into the future.

Due to his self-proclaimed "failure" of Protocol 3, Sevens entered shutdown for a prolonged length of time after telling Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom that he was sorry. He remained that way for years, transported to a Midnight base in South Ponyville to protect him.

He did not witness the Last Lights due to his deactivation, and thus when he was finally re-awakened by his Pilot about 200 years later he was confused as to why the air was heavily irradiated and why he was not receiving any Midnight signals.

Sevens' body, a Tone Prime with modifications, had become heavily rusted and decayed in his years of solitude and as such was no longer operable. Instead, Scootaloo managed to extract his DataCore and find an Atlas that had been kept in Stasis Storage in the same facility, and as such all of it's systems were still operable minus the previous AI. Scootaloo transferred Sevens into this new body, and he was finally able to move again. Due to this shift, the two had to re-establish a Psionic Link and Sevens had to recalibrate the body to his own desires, which he had to do in combat as Raiders closed in, using a nearby XO-16 Chaingun to defend himself and managing to Terminate a Raider Boss' Titan by ripping out the Raider and crushing him before kicking down the defeated Titan.

As the two travelled, Sevens received a menagerie of upgrades and adjustments from his Pilot, be they custom or salvaged. He also used an array of weapons, eventually switching out his XO-16 Chaingun for a Polarity's main weapon, a HC7 Magnetic Adjustor Cannon. He was even able to use many Core Abilities at once, including the Salvo Core, Smart Core, Burst Core, Damage Core, Shield Core, Strike Core, and Dash Core.

Sevens continued to travel with his Pilot for years as they wandered the Wasteland punishing the evil and protecting the innocent.