The B5 Wingmare is a unique B3 Wingman pistol. It has far greater damage output and accuracy than it's counterparts, and has a match trigger. This weapon has an in-built "Smart Chip" that will achieve a lock-on of up to six different targets and loose the entire magazine upon pulling the trigger once, assuring the hit is successful and because of the gun's high power and critical-locking system, the shot is nearly guaranteed to kill the targets.

The B5 Wingmare was the personal sidearm of Apex Beatdown (Emma Corus) to be used if her primary weapon (Spitfire LMG) was not available. She customised the weapon by painting the symbol meaning "Titan" (an incomplete triangle) on the handle and installing the custom Smart Chip. The weapon's severe overuse has caused blackening and burning across the tip of the barrel, as well as some damage to the hammer and cylinder receptor of the gun.

The B5 Wingmare was on Emma's person during Operation: Lights Out. When the team decided Maverick should take Scootaloo to the Hardlight Crucible to plant the NanoFusion Charge on the SS Celestia's reactor, Emma gave her the magnum as a symbol of respect. Scootaloo gratefully took the magnum before the team executed their plan.

As it was on Scootaloo's person, the magnum was protected against the Pressure Emitters by Maverick's chassis. After Scootaloo planted the charge and used Phase to escape the blast, the weapon fell from her person but she recovered it swiftly, using it as her secondary weapon for most of her time in the Wasteland, with it being her variation of the VATS system. The Smart Chip interfaced with her helmet to let her see what targets were being locked.

The B5 Wingmare was used to execute Calamity when the Lunar Militia called the Lightbringer and her friends a threat. Scootaloo told Calamity "nice gun" (referring to the unique Lunar Sniper Rifle, the Shockstorm) before shooting him six times in the back of the head, reducing his head to paste and mist before the rest of the Lightbringer's friends were executed and LittlePip herself was left alive but wounded.

The weapon was on Scootaloo's person up until Kate sacrificed herself to save Equestria. It was then placed within her memorial, alongside the other unique weapons Piccadilly, the Peacekeeper, Shimada, Firefight, and the Plasma Avenger.