The Avenger is the personal Assault Rifle/SMG hybrid of Kate Vivaro. It is a customised Plasma-based weapon which resembles the Plasma Beam Rifles deployed by the ADVENT Xenotroop ranks during the Enemy Reborn campaign, though the body has sustained nicks and knocks and is a glossy blue colour. The weapon has a retractable scope which also doubles as a dot-sight.

The weapon has multiple fire modes. One mode (named "Marksman") has the weapon fire a directed beam of ionised gas in a blue colour for great damage and great accuracy at long range, but the beam takes two seconds to charge before firing and lasts only two extra seconds. This firing style allows the weapon to fire four times before a full reload is required.

Another mode (named "Rifleman") has the weapon fire multiple bolts of ionised gas in blue form for great power and a higher fire rate, but less accuracy and the switching out of the beam for a slow-moving projectile. In this form, the weapon can fire 30 times before requiring a reload.

The final mode (named "Fireman") causes the weapon to spray a cloud of blue ionised gas for tremendous melting and corrosive power while greatly sacrificing range and pinpoint accuracy. This mode allows the weapon to fire continuously for fifteen seconds before requiring a full reload.

The weapon was apparently designed and built by Kate using spare parts of Energy Weapons salvaged by her brother William Vivaro. She used the base of a non-functional XCOM Plasma Beam Rifle and combined it with many other spare parts to create an entirely new weapon, but never got the chance to use it until two years after her brother went missing, when she used it to fight her way out of Vault 115.

Though Kate has a strong connection to this gun, seeing it as a reminder of her brother, she rarely uses it due to it's dependence on the expensive form of ammunition known as Elerium Cells. Instead, it acts as more of an intimidation tool or backup weapon for higher-danger threats. There has been many times where Kate has had to inform people that her personal weapon is not up for trade.

Manufactory Stats Edit

Though this gun is wholly unique and thus does not belong to any manufacturer (classed as "CUSTOM" in the Pip-Boy), due to the weapon's core components being of XCOM design, the weapon has the passive ability of being equally accurate in all forms and scenarios, allowing Kate to make pinpoint shots with the Rifleman mode at longer range minus the projectile travel time.