Amanda Isabel Redding is a female Human living in Dodge City. She is the daughter of Jon Redding and Jessie Fae.

She has black hair, green eyes, and a slight tan.

Amanda typically wears a dirty white lab coat, black glasses, a grey skirt, and small heels.

Amanda was born into her father's work as her mother died in childbirth. There, she became a technical wiz with a deep interest in technologies and sciences.

Living in Dodge City meant Amanda had a peaceful life, with little-to-no danger from Raiders or mutants, but the town was targeted by the Enclave before the Everfree Conflict. the Enclave were defeated when Amanda was only a child, and it was their weapons and Power Armour she worked on as practice.

Amanda met Kate Vivaro when the latter was in town looking for her brother, and the two slowly fell in love. After a while, they began a sexual relationship.